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Since the emergence of civilization as we know it, humanity has used earthly resources.  In building homes and becoming settled, we have found ways to protect ourselves from forces of nature: I’m sure these forces may have seemed quite scary at times, like storms or even just cold winters….it’s natural.


As we developed I feel something tipped in terms of power.  We somehow felt powerful in our control of nature. Also (and I apologise for my mention of it), the advent of human slavery, and the connotations of property, I feel is the progression of this desire for control and power.  For me this concept may have begun with the control of nature.


I watched a nature program which showed a man surfing.  The narrator explained how this surfing was another way we have learned to control nature.  As I watched, it was more like how the surfer had learned to be at one with nature more than control.  Why would you want to control nature?…it would be an endless task and fruitless in the long run.


So here we are, striving for individualism and like a teenager who does not want to be told what to do by our parents, we have created all sorts of wonders.  We have also discovered and are discovering how many of these inventions are turning out to actually be hindering our humanity.  Maybe we could use our obvious talent to produce something which will sustain life (holistically) rather than individually and for monetary value.


People have been turning to nature for inspiration to help them solve problems for millions of years.



The planet provides us with the ways and means to produce. It is also the part of ourselves we tend to ignore in terms of caring for it – who wants to “till the soil”, well, the tilling which has not got a cash register attached to it. We need to reassess our use of nature.  A constant extraction of natural resources without any return to it is a form of slavery and freeloading.  I think it’s wrong.  Growing up and finding your purpose in the world is what humans are at times preoccupied with and maybe this has all been a learning process to find out what is common to all and what has true meaning.


Protect the health of the planet, protect our health. Actions which are good for the planet are also good for human health.

Prince Charles

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