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The Significance of the Written Word

‘As a means of communicating ideas and storing information, written language is the single most important and far-reaching technology available to humans and has served as the foundation for virtually all other information technologies from early etchings in clay to the world of digital access that we enjoy today.’

Shinto Woodblock

Movable Type

With Cai Lun’s invention of Woodblock printing in 105 AD  and  Bi Sheng’s invention of Movable Type in 1040, print culture had arrived.  The image above shows an example of Shinto Woodblock printing.

‘Johannes Gutenberg developed his printing press in a society in which participation in organised religion was nearly unanimous.  Given the influence the Church held is Western Europe during that time, it is unsurprising that the first printed book was the Bible and that arguably the most printed work of the time was Martin Luther’s The 95 Theses.  In fact, a great number of the earliest printed works were of a religious nature.’

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