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The First Wealth Is…

Ralph Waldo Emerson Being in “good-health” means having both mind and body functioning well. Diet, lifestyle i.e interpersonal relationships, work loads and/or prospects, can all affect an individuals health. The NHS provide a range of Self-Help Leaflets for a variety of health and social care issues, which are free to download.

Drug Awareness

Applying for Work with a Criminal Record

Further guidance: Disclosure Calculator Criminal record disclosure DBS/ChecCRBks Onli

What you wish you’d known before your job interview

    How to write a winning CV Preparing For An Interview

Do all you can to make one’s future better.

344 Questions?

Image Source: ‘Illustrated Flowcharts to Find Answer’s to Life’s Big Questions’

Cyber Safety

An interactive infographic, covering 5 important topics: Cyberbullying Identity Theft Plagiarism Computer Viruses General Internet Safety

Taking Liberties

‘Explore issues such as detention without charge, monarchy versus republic, votes at 16, euthanasia and equality at work’, with this interactive from the British Library.


Giving Feedback

Positive Delivery of Feedback Supportive: Delivered in a non-threatening and encouraging manner. Direct: The focus of the feedback is clearly stated. Sensitive: Delivered with sensitivity to the needs of the other person. Considerate: Feedback is intended not to insult or demean. Descriptive: Focuses on behaviour that can be changed, rather than personality. Specific: Feedback is […]

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