Lois Dalphinis


The Strapline There are many ways to make a presence felt or remembered;  for example, in business or product design, having a catchy slogan or strapline can enable effective expression of what is unique or most important about your business. WHO PUTS STRAPLINES TOGETHER / WHAT IS THE PROCESS ? There is no real science to writing the great strapline. […]

Street Level

Street Level – A Bristol City Council graffiti campaign, to be used in Secondary Schools to raise discussion and awareness about graffiti and community relations.     Also see: ‘Graffiti Sessions – The Art and Justice of Social Cities‘ Rendering The Real

Drawing Room – A Work In Progress

The ‘readiness‘ of the post-modern climate allows for artists such as Tomoko Takahasi to emerge; to address and expand on the process of creativity and its application, encouraging an alternate form of understanding and perspective.  Takahasi’s work fosters a potential to change perspectives governing established modes of representation. The population, with all its social, political […]

Building for Inspiration