Lois Dalphinis

Brushstrokes and breathing space

  I visit the Tate Modern.  Five minutes to look around…it’s been a while since my last visit.  I quickly end up in the Transformed Visions display and head over to where I see six Rothko paintings and sit down in the dimly lit room.   Drawn to ‘Black on Maroon’, I sit in contemplation at […]

Haiku Deck

Rendering The Real

…people’s realities are multi-layered and often untold; however they can be unpacked through the work they produce. (Mullings, 2011) Rendering the Real In April 2012, I attended the Visual Residue Symposium at the 198 Gallery, SW9. Accompanying an art exhibition, Visual Residue presented works of 10 practitioners who have commented on the concerns of everyday life that young people […]

Drawing Room – A Work In Progress

The ‘readiness‘ of the post-modern climate allows for artists such as Tomoko Takahasi to emerge; to address and expand on the process of creativity and its application, encouraging an alternate form of understanding and perspective.  Takahasi’s work fosters a potential to change perspectives governing established modes of representation. The population, with all its social, political […]

Lois Dalphinis

Lois is a Freelance Artist and Educational Mentor based in South East London

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