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The Strapline

There are many ways to make a presence felt or remembered;  for example, in business or product design, having a catchy slogan or strapline can enable effective expression of what is unique or most important about your business.

There is no real science to writing the great strapline. Being witty, being hard hitting, playing around with metaphors, rhymes, alliteration, and so on, are all good ways to start off / good approaches in general. Copywriters spend much time thinking up straplines in the bus, for example, or in the bath. But in practice, they will spend more time thinking up straplines in the office – in brainstorming sessions, for example, where they will write out many, many different straplines and strapline variations.

Another Stage of Waking the Soul

Richmond Theatre Heritage

The strapline for this website was came about towards the end of the projects completion, and is a mixture of the Community Curator project title: ‘Through the Stages’ and a line from the Alexander Pope poem Prologue to Mr. Addison’s Cato.

The poem is featured in the auditorium of the theatre itself above the Richmond Theatre Stage.’This prologue to Cato written by Alexander Pope is a fitting mission statement for Richmond Theatre that celebrated 110 years of tender strokes of art in September 09.’


 Firstly: Form

  • Concise: the shorter / the crisper-sounding, the better
  • Sounds right: it either sounds just right or it doesn’t
  • Witty:straplines often sound witty / have something witty about them

Secondly: Trying to go beyond just form

  •  Brand image: that it reflects something of the brand image
  • Makes customer feel good: puts customer into a certain mood when they hear or read the strapline

Thirdly:  Say something  interesting about the brand  / connect the brand to the audience in some important way

  • Brand personality: the brand is unique and interesting
  • Benefit: the brand has some important benefit to the audience
  • Distinct: the brand is distinct (and better) to other brands

Find out what works for you

You could take a look at other straplines/slogans used in advertising and this can help develop a perspective on how media is used to connect with the general public.

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