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Practice and improve your typing skills online


Through a simple mechanism you’ll learn how to place your fingers in the right place to improve your typing.

Typing apps

Typing Club : Master touch typing using this free game / educational program.

Type Scout : A typewriter training app to improve your typing skills.

Typing Test – Speed Hero : Find what’s your WPM (words per minute) speed, improve your typing skills and practice typing.

Typing Word Game: Type the words you see on your screen to learn and improve your typing speed.

TypingWeb Typing Tutor : For typists of all skill levels. Lessons, games, tests, & certifications are included.

You can also find these apps in the Chrome Web Store.

In the left hand margin, locate and click on Education > Teacher & Admin Tools.  You can then choose from a range of apps and add them to your Chrome Dashboard, Google+ or Gmail account.

It would be a good idea to download the Google Chrome browser first!


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