Lois Dalphinis

How can mentoring help me?

Mentoring is about empowering people, building confidence and broadening horizons.  People have different experiences talents, abilities, so there are many reasons why people can benefit from mentoring.


Mentoring can help with:

Interpersonal Skills

  • Improving communication skills and expressing yourself
  • Developing or maintaining relationships with others


  • Developing ways to Integrate with others
  • Discovering /developing skills and capabilities
  • Confidence building and determination to succeed

Self- Awareness

  • Raising aspirations and expectations
  • Raising awareness of positive potential


  • Improving organisational skills e.g planning and prioritising
  • Guidance on appropriate behaviours in different contexts e.g. within the work place, addressing peers


  • Raising awareness about available opportunities e.g. employment, training, education


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