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The Design Cycle

Any project will go through stages, enabling you to see a project through to completion.  Design projects will begin with a project brief and should provide an overview of the project.  Key words here are purpose, objective(s) and market.  Other stages within the Design Cycle should include researchbrainstormingdesign ideas and design development.

The Design Cycle diagram below outlines these stages with guidelines on actions to be carried out at each stage:



Designers tend to work with A1 sized paper and/or boards for presentation, such as Foamboard or Mountboard. Nowadays a lot of design work is computer-based and no longer a completely hand-drawn process. ‘It takes a special kind of creative alchemy to transmute image into icon and catalyze a cultural cult driven by a commanding brand identity.’ (Popova, 2013)

Design Sheet (1925)

Logo Life, takes a look at logo histories of  well-known companies and brands., including Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike. ‘The iconography of consumerism has such an enduring hold on us, whether or not we want to admit it.’ (Popova 2013)  For instance, Name That Blue is a website where colour is used to stimulate our recognition of tech brands and sports teams.  Through inviting us to play and test our knowledge, Name That Blue also manages to advertise a wide range of companies without a logo in sight.

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