Lois Dalphinis

Why do I need a Portfolio?

“Back in the day”, a portfolio was something you carried around with you…like a briefcase.  In today’s digital world, work can be condensed and having a strong online presence can boost your chances of being selected for a particular project or job.  In any case, having a record of your work history, experience and contributions is a must.

Even if you’re not specifically working within a creative field, most of us are pretty technologically literate in the 21st century.  Use these skills to present yourself and your work.

There are three basic formats for portfolios—standard hardcopy, e-folio (on a CD), and online—each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


Creating  Your Portfolio

As with a CV, you need to tailor your portfolio to the job, project or course you’re applying. Build your portfolio so it contains your best work.  Aim to make your portfolio eye-catching and dynamic. You can get some more  ideas and advice on ‘The Importance of a Portfolio’ and guidelines on how to ‘Create Your Portfolio’ then explore if you can incorporate or use any of the suggestions below to present or showcase your work:

For the designers among you, also check out: ’50 Beautiful And Creative Portfolio Designs’ and ’39 Brilliant Design Portfolios To Inspire You’.

Building for Inspiration