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Creating and using a budget is a valuable tool!

Learning to budget can enable us to work towards and achieve goals.

Budgeting provides a framework from which we can:

  • identify expenses
  • monitor cash flow
  • plan ahead (forecast)
  • maximize investment capital
Budgets are especially useful management tools at major life changing moments, such as moving home, having a child or entering retirement; as they can help to plan ahead during these periods.
Below is a selected list of budget templates from Microsoft Office for you to try.*

Free Templates

Manage your personal budget with this template that tracks your yearly income and expenditures. The monthly break down makes this template easy to use.

This monthly budget can be used by anyone who is looking for an easy way to track their money. Simply input income and expenses into the customizable tables and Excel does the rest.

Allows a college student to track their monthly budget by simply entering information into a variety of customizable categories.

A family can use this template to track their yearly budget on one tab by inputting data into customizable income and expense categories.


Set up a budget in Microsoft Office Excel

  • Once you’ve chosen a template, click Download. After clicking Download you’re asked to Save the template in the default Templates folder.
  • Some templates have been formatted to give the results in US dollars. To change this to pounds, select the whole spreadsheet by clicking Ctrl and A on your keyboard, then click Accounting number format ➜ £ English if necessary.


* There are many free templates to chose from online, however it can be helpful to have some understanding of spreadsheets and how to use Microsoft Excel.


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