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Rendering The Real

…people’s realities are multi-layered and often untold; however they can be unpacked through the work they produce. (Mullings, 2011) Rendering the Real In April 2012, I attended the Visual Residue Symposium at the 198 Gallery, SW9. Accompanying an art exhibition, Visual Residue presented works of 10 practitioners who have commented on the concerns of everyday life that young people […]

How can mentoring help me?

Mentoring is about empowering people, building confidence and broadening horizons.  People have different experiences talents, abilities, so there are many reasons why people can benefit from mentoring.   Mentoring can help with: Interpersonal Skills Improving communication skills and expressing yourself Developing or maintaining relationships with others Self-Esteem Developing ways to Integrate with others Discovering /developing skills […]

Street Level

Street Level – A Bristol City Council graffiti campaign, to be used in Secondary Schools to raise discussion and awareness about graffiti and community relations.     Also see: ‘Graffiti Sessions – The Art and Justice of Social Cities‘ Rendering The Real

Mentors In My Life

Questionnaire Take a look at the list below and think about the questions posed.  You could also make a note of the questions and detail your responses in a note book or on paper if you choose.  You might like to make a note of the person, what they did specifically and how this helped […]

The Origins of Mentoring

In Greek mythology, when Ulysses went on his odyssey, his young son Telemachus, was left in care of Mentor.  Mentor was charged with preparing Telemachus for his future role as a ruler by passing on his wisdom whilst encouraging Telemachus to think for himself and accept responsibility for his own decisions.

Building for Inspiration